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Hon. Fuad Abshir Ahmed

Hon. Fuad Abshir Ahmed (Adeer) is a distinguished leader and educator currently serving as the Minister of Education and Higher Education in Puntland’s Cabinet. With a rich background encompassing both public service and the private sector, as well as extensive involvement in civil society organizations,

Hon. Fuad brings a wealth of experience to his current role. His tenure as Chairperson of the Puntland Electoral Commission underscores his commitment to upholding democratic principles.

Committed to advancing educational excellence, he is focused on modernizing educational systems and addressing the skills gap between academia and the workforce. Hon. Fuad holds degrees in Islamic Studies and Leadership at International Open University and he is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Laws degree, at Puntland State University further enhancing his expertise in governance and legal affairs.

Hon. Minister Fuad Abshir is dedicated to modernizing education systems to meet the demands of contemporary society. He is actively involved in promoting digital transformation in schools, enhancing all-day school programs, bridging the gap between education and the labor market, and reforming technical and higher education policies.


Facebook: Hon. Fuad Abshir Ahmed