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Admin and Finance

Department of Admin and Finance

The Department is formed by 5 sections: Finance, Procurement, Human Resources Management, ICT, and Archives and Records Management. The department has 25 permanent staff, all of them are supported by the public budget and none is dependent on external funding. The Department provides support to the operational arm of the Ministry, through the provision and maintenance of a well-motivated workforce as well as ensuring the efficient management of the Ministry’s facilities. It is a consolidation of all central support services at the MOE&HE, which in turn will provide for improved coordination of existing financial, and administration resources and services. It also provides oversight of the Information Technology Unit and manages the Ministry’s vehicle fleet.


  1. 1.  Planning, direction, monitoring and control of the Department’s activities as well as overseeing the development and implementation of its policies and procedures.
  2. 2. Supervises arrangements for the preparation of the MOE-HE annual work plan and related budget estimates.
  3. 3. Oversees the development and implementation of the HR Strategy and Action Plan and to ensure the Ministry’s human resource policies, programs and practices fully meet the
  4.      needs of the organization and those of the staff employed therein.
  5. 4. Supervises the development and implementation of the MOE-HE’s IT Strategy and, in conjunction with the IT Manager, to ensure the Ministry’s computer requirements are
  6.      fully met  and utilized in the most efficient way.
  7. 5. Ensuring the provision of efficient administrative and logistical services to support the operations of other departments in the MOE-HE.
  8. 6. Developing the organization’s strategic policies and programs.

  Director: Mahad Olad Mohamed